Value & Cost

After perusing our website, we hope it is now clear why functional and integrative health care is time consuming and multifactorial.

It investigates a particular person’s common and individual traits to create a multidimensional health plan.

Integrative medicine care requires a commitment to invest in one’s self both behaviorally and financially. 

This level of care can be somewhat expensive for both those who benefit and provide it.

  • We take the time to get to know everyone as the human being they are.
  • We use the highest quality diagnostic and therapeutic tools we can find.
  • We constantly train to improve what we do and how we deliver it.
  • We spend a lot of time, money and energy training both in conventional medicine ( board certifications etc.) and in integrative medicine so that we are experts in both fields
  • We use therapies both intravenously and orally that we would use for ourselves and our own families if needed.
  • What we prescribe our patients is the fruit of our professional, scientific, clinical, and personal experience.

We know that there can be no real quality of life without good health. We see it every day. Ultimately, each individual has to decide how much they value their own health.

Most importantly, we bring this care to people who seek it.

There must be a firm trust, bond, and match between doctor and patient. If those are not present, even the best of therapies may not work.

  • It is our commitment to make our approach to health care as affordable as possible as we know the present insurance system does not cover it.
  • We hope that, in the future, functional medicine treatments will be covered by insurance.
  • Part of our mission is to create a track record for this to happen.

However, for now, we are a fee-for-service office. Payment is due at time of services rendered.

Costs are also related to the amount of care needed and the particulars of every different situation.

Further information on costs is available by calling the office at 215-503-9070 Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am-5 pm EST.