• Hello from Boulder!

    Hi Jody
    I hope you are doing really well and that your 2017 is off to a great start!
    I recently received the letter sent out to all of Dr. Bazzan’s patients. I wanted to take a minute and send my sincere congratulations to all of you on your exciting move!
    Dr. Bazzan and all of you at the Jeffersonville office truly changed my life. I’m forever grateful for finding Dr. Bazzan ten years ago. I’m a different person today because of changes he helped me to make with regards to my health and overall wellness.
    I was actually just raving about him today to a friend in Allentown, PA:-)
    Please give him my very best wishes. I always enjoyed learning from him.
    Happy and healthy new year to all of you.
    Kristen C.

  • Regaining your heart health

    If you are looking for that fountain of youth, or are just looking to get your health and vitality back, I would encourage you to come to Functional and Wellness Sciences Institute (FWSI) to discuss your situation and goals with Dr. Anthony Bazzan and his staff of professionals.

    Whatever age or health challenges you face, even if you just want to perform at peak performance and are willing to listen, learn and follow their advice, you will be connected to some of the best cutting edge therapies that will deliver the result you are looking for.

    Standard health care is not enough if you want to give you and your family the best health care possible. Dr. Bazzan’s credentials speak for themselves. Page after page of credentials and affiliations with some of the best hospitals and health institutes worldwide. Dr. Bazzan has spent many years studying in the US and abroad to offer his knowledge about Integrative Medicine.

    Integrative medicine combines the best of both worlds, traditional medicine along with proven and well documented natural approaches “THAT GET RESULTS”.

    I am living proof. I have achieved amazing results in only a few short months of following the protocol of Dr. Bazzan. My cholesterol profile has normalized, my blood pressure and weight are down and I have unlimited energy now in my 50’s. I will continue to follow the advice of Dr. Bazzan and his team for years to come.

    Dr. Bazzan (FWSI), Jody, Jenn, Jayne, Kim and Adrianne are true professionals and are there to support you in your quest for top notch health and wellness services, supplements and the many resources to get you back to living the life you desire.

    Take that first step in regaining your health. Schedule your appointment today.

    Tom Z.

  • Helping breast cancer with Integrative Medicine

    I am a patient of Dr. Bazzan. I had breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. I had to get chemotherapy for my treatment. Dr. Bazzan had me on intravenous Vitamin C, vitamins and probiotics, which helped me so much. I never had any side effects from any of the chemotherapy. I never got sick at all. I had chemo every week for 16 weeks and never once got sick. Dr. Bazzan is about natural healing, eating healthy, taking vitamins and living healthy. He is highly intelligent on healing the body and staying healthy. He has helped me immensely. He is so compassionate and caring. His goal is to get you well. I am finished with all my treatments and I’m doing really well thanks to Dr. Bazzan. I don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t have him as my physician. Ii can’t thank him enough.

    Everyone who works in Dr. Bazzan’s office is so nice and accommodating. When you are sick and not doing well it means a lot to have kind, caring people taking care of you and that is exactly what you have when you enter his office.

    I can’t thank Dr. Bazzan and all his staff enough for everything they have done for me and continue to do. I still come for my vitamin C treatments and office visits so I continue to stay healthy.

    Ruth Ann Travaglini 

  • Better quality of life after menopause

    I have been a patient of Dr. Bazzan for 6 years. When I went to him I was feeling horrible and was not sleeping, having hot flashes and just not feeling like me. I had gone to see my gyno before seeing him and it was a terrible experience with the medications she put me on and all the side effects that I had from them. Dr. Bazzan approached things much differently. Everything was handled by using my blood test that he ordered to determine what my actual meeds were. After treatment on the first visit I had with him I was totally back to feeling like myself again within 7 days. I haven’t had any side effects from anything Dr. Bazzan has recommended. The level of his professionalism is top notch.

    I also want to mention the professionalism of his staff. Everyone works to help you manage your goals. They are all warm and friendly always.

    Ivy Lehman   

  • Better gastrointestinal health for Celiac Disease

    I am 39 years old and I have Celiac Disease. I was very frustrated because I put so much energy into eating healthy and gluten free, taking supplements, working out…and I still was having major gastrointestinal problems, weight gain and irregular periods with hot flashes, break outs, and couldn’t sleep. I was referred to Dr. Bazzan by my trusted employer who is also a physician. I have never had a doctor so completely take my health history, listen to me and address all of my specific problems in a way that was unique to my needs. Dr. Bazzan went through every question on his 18 page form and within a few visits, he had simplified my regimen and answered all my questions. He has educated me on my specific vitamin and mineral needs. He has HEALED MY GUT! I have solid poop for the first time in 10 years and no bloating. I now have clear skin, no hot flashes, great sleep and regular periods. With their guidance, I have lost 21 pounds and am still losing. He gave me answers and a clear, defined path to be in control of my health with an attainable plan. His staff is available, knowledgeable, kind and just awesome! I cannot express enough how thankful I am to Dr. Bazzan and Dr. Marino. They have improved my health and my life.

    Tara Nicastro  

  • Unexpected health results

     Greg and I applied for more life insurance and the company sent a nurse to our home to do a physical and blood and urine testing.  We told our agent that we were in excellent health, but he quoted us at a rate of “good health”, stating that no one gets their highest rating.  After getting our medical results, their underwriting department placed us in their “Preferred Elite Category” which is their best underwriting category.  Our agent said he has never had anyone in our age group get this Preferred Elite rating.

     Tell Dr. Bazzan that all his work has paid off with us!!

     Deb Boaman