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Preventive Medicine & Health Maintenance

Of the many possible future versions of you, we help you create the best one.
-Anthony J. Bazzan, MD

In a health care system that emphasizes the treatment of disease instead of the promotion of wellness, FWSI provides top quality, cutting edge services in preventive medicine and health maintenance.

Do you change the oil in your car? What if you decided not to have your car serviced? Your car would likely break down on the highway, or perhaps not start one day. The same can happen with your body’s health without adequate self-care and maintenance.

Beyond cars, many people have top management strategies for their wealth, businesses, assets, estates, and families. What about similar standards in caring for your physical well being? What about your body and health?

Preventive medicine and health maintenance are progressive concepts, and yet these approaches are becoming increasingly sought after by Americans, young and old, who are realizing that they need more assistance in maintaining their optimal vitality.

After spending many years in hospitals, emergency room care, and seeing the suffering of sick people, Dr. Bazzan strongly believes in helping people who want to proactively seize responsibility for their health!

Are you looking for us?

FWSI is ready to help!

  • We have built an environment where we can help you with preventive medicine and health maintenance.
  • We deliver preventive medicine FOR THE INDIVIDUAL PERSON, not for the masses.
  • We are a destination for those who desire expertise to help them enhance health, even if they do not suffer from diagnosed “diseases.”

It is difficult in today’s American health care system to find practitioners with expertise in “proactive health consults.” Doctors are trained to only care for diseases.

What about prevention? What about slowing down the aging process, reversal of dysfunction, and maintaining high levels of health, vitality, and function in the coming years? 

Today, people want to prevent sickness, as well as unfavorable aging changes.

People can reduce their chances of getting diseases and slow their aging by gaining and maintaining function in their physiology. This type of care sets the stage for healthier longevity.

With today’s technology, INDIVIDUAL functional and genomic testing services and care are available at FWSI to address these goals

Of the many possible future versions of you, we help you create the best one. With the proper coaching, you learn to express the best of your potential.