Genomic Testing for Heart Health

Genes and environment overlap to create your heart’s function. Knowledge of this can show you the best personal way to improve your cardiovascular health.
Polymorphisms are genetic personal glitches that are called “snips”.

Hypertension snips can help with what medications would be better for you and how well you would do on salt restriction.
Oxydative stress snips can help with your vulnerability to free radical damage (early aging and overall poor health.
Coagulation snips can help with your predisposition to clotting.


Cholesterol metabolism snips can help with:

  • Apolipoproteins: risk of overall poor health
  • E Selectin: predisposition to heart attacks
  • CETP: your transport of cholesterol and why you may have problems with it from birth

Methylation defects  snips can help with:

  • The important homocysteine story starts here with methylation
  • MTHFR snips create poor methylation and  increased homocysteine.